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Kudeaketa eredu Berria


They will implement the new management system in 6 integrated public schools as a pilot Project.



Safety Integrated


In order to ensure people's safety and integrity in automated facilities, we will use special items for the detection and control of Security. In this project, we will analyze automated facilities (Integrated Safety) and we will develop different safety patterns.





The aim of this project , when collaborative robot are among the automation facilities, will be to work on their advanced operation and communications. Nowadays, there are collaborative robots in automated facilities and data or information must be sent to other devices.



European Engineering In welding


This project is a training project, it aims at achieving this international title, so it can be valid for future in company project developments.



TIG Aluminum Welding


TIG and direct current aluminium alloy welding processes have been developed. This is a great advantage, especially for large pieces. These techniques will be developed in this project.



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