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The Second Ikasenpresa Fair in Tolosaldea LHII


On December 19, organized by the department of “Training and work orientation”, we held in Tolosaldea LHII the second internal fair of Ikascompany. All second graders took part in the “company and entrepeneurial initiative” module, with a total of 33 participating companies, corresponding to 10 training cycles.

Each ikascompany had the possibility to present its product or service. You could see everything: lamps, boxes, keychains and jewelry objects turned by machining students, video games, applications, 3D tools, cookies made with beer and much more. The students did very well both in the weeks before the fair, organizing everything (posters, brochures, business cards, products...) and at the fair itself giving the necessary explanations and making the necessary demonstrations to anyone who came to their posts. The duration of the fair was two hours and was created a very good atmosphere. We had numerous visits, teachers and first-year students from our center, students and teacher from high school and 4th ESO from Orixe high school, as well as students and teachers from Inmakulada Ikastola. Everyone was very comfortable analyzing and valuing the offers of our students and in some cases, even making purchases.

We had an exceptional place for the realization of the event, as it took place in the newly built space of multiple activities of our institute.

The evaluation of the experience has been very positive and has also encouraged us to celebrate the third “Ikas Fair” next year 2020-2021.

Visit to CAF in Beasain


On December 12, some students and computer science teachers met the company CAF in Beasain. The purpose of the visit was to know closely how they manage the company's computer system. To do this, we had the network managers responsible for the company CAF in Beasain. After the traditional reception, we are thus divided into two groups to better understand things in smaller groups and see the company's data processing center.

Subsequently, each of the responsible management networks took a group in which while one group explained how the core of CAF's computer system was stablished, the other group went to see the data processing center where we were explained the role and the importance of each section. We were explained how multiple servers communicate with each other, the configuration of multiple switches and their fiber connection with other switches, the process they use to back up (Backup) and also how they divide the workload on the servers using special hardware for this.

Visit to the company Cadinox


On December 10, several students and teachers from the computer department visited the company of Caldereria Cadinox. The purpose of the visit was to know the work dynamics of the IT system administrator in that SME. To do this, we had the help of a former student of the IT department, who nowadays, manages the computer system of that company.

After the corresponding presentations, they explained what the product was and the way the company works. We were able to know first-hand the daily work of the system and administrator: printers, backup, email and system update. To finish the visit, we were taught all the network hardware and computer system.

Visit of teachers from Mallorca


On 27 November we received the visit of two teachers from Francesc Vocational Training Centre in Borja Moll de Palma. They came to know the IT systems management cycle and more specifically how we are applying the high performance methodology ETHAZI in information technology.

Following the corresponding presentations, they were explained the ETHAZI methodology, challenge-based cycle schedules, how to work in classrooms and workshops, and how are the assessment and the feedback performed.

After the meeting, we visited the facilities equipped to the needs of the ETHAZI methodology.

Knowing entrepeneurs' experiences


Students of Administration and Finance cycle of our center have received the visit of several entrepeneurs form the region, and have been able to know their experience. The entrepeneurs who have visited us have been Gorka Egia ( Egia Aholkularitza Etikoa), Koldo Artola (Domotek) and Roberto Vilar ( Vilar Digital Consulting). Each has had a different career path, but what they have in common is that three of them stopped working as an employee and decided to start their own business.

Through these talks students have been able to know the steps to develop their professional future autonomously, as well as identify the skills that are important for that. The three entrepeneurs have emphasized that entrepeneurs must have some characteristics such as autonomy, commitment and communication skills. Students have been able to link the skills worked in class with real experiences.





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