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We have made a presentation of a new robot model ur16e of the universal mark robots


On November 22nd, the company IRUÑA TECNOLOGÍAS, which is in charge of the distribution, training and technical support of Universal Robots in the north, has made a presentation of the new model of robot UR16e to the SMEs of the Tolosaldea area.

The aim of that presentation has been to bring this technology Plug & Play of colaborative robotics to companies, so that they start in an easy way in the world of robotics and can robotize certain jobs with a modest investment without major training needs.

For this and in consideration of the commitment made by Industrial Automation and Robotics cycle of Tolosaldea LHII, and for being referent in the implementation of this type of robots in the vocational traning, has chosen Tolosaldea LHII to hold this event.

Of the four hours of the event, in the first half a presentation of the new robot model, accessories and added tools, application examples, etc. was made for companies concerned and students of the centre.

In the second half and in four groups with five participants per group, the attendees had the opportunity to have a first contact with the robot, perform a simple programming to perform some basic movements of the robot and check the ease of its programming.

Participating in the design of the specialization program for electromobility.


Electro-mobility is the development and use of electric vehicles (EE) on streets and roads as a means of transport. Its global promotion responds to a number of reasons, being the most important the necessary response to ongoing climate change and pollution issues as a result of fuels used by electric vehicles today. The change of energy type consumed by electric vehicles will cause a profound change in the design of such vehicles, including control, traction systems, energy storage, batteries, charging system etc.

To address this situation, the company IRIZAR e-mobility aims to promote electromobility with the manufacture of electric buses in the new Aduna plant. The company JEMA Energy also takes part in the development of electric bus power electronics.

In the face of the emergence of these new technologies in the labour market and in order to cover the tasks required by them, they need to define a new professional profile.

This training is not currently provided under the VET. To this end, IRIZAR e-mobility and JEMA Energy, as companies interested in the need to create a tailor-made professional profile, the IVAC, with the development coordination and Tolosaldea LHII together with other schools, are designing the program of the specialization of electromobility.

The first steps of the design took the last June and will be completed by the end of this 2019-2020 academic year.

By affinity of the contents in the DCBs, the students who will be elegible for this specialization program, will be the ones who take the training cycles of Automation and Industrial Robotics and Electronic Maintenance.

In the next academic year 2020-2021, in Tolosaldea LHII, three students of the Cycle of Automation and Industrial Robotics will take part in this project and after its completion, together with the title of Automation and Industrial Robotics, will obtain the specialization of electromobility.

Visit of teachers from Mallorca


On 6 and 7 November we received a visit from two teachers from the Joan Taix Vocational training centre.They came to analyze the cycle of electrical and Automatic installations and more specifically, how we are applying the high performance methodology ETHAZI.

After the corresponding presentations, they were explained the ETHAZI methodology, showing them the spaces and facilities, the challenge-based schedules, the way they work in the classrooms and workshops and the way in which the evaluation is carried out and the Feedback.

To finish the visit and in order to maintain and deepen relations with the Joan Taix school, several teachers from both centers enjoyed a meal of brotherhood.

Teachers and students from Commerce have visited Bernat Etxepare secondary school at an exhange in Baiona.


Students and teachers from the 2MJ2 group of Commerce have been last week at the Bernat Etxepare in a two days exchange. Last year, the section of the vocational training was opened and there they offer the course of Commerce. It is the first centre in the South of the Basque Country that offers exclusively its training offer in Basque.

Apart from visiting the school of Baiona, they had the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour through the town led by Iban Regnier. They had also the chance to listen the presentation of “Euskoa”, the basque coin, led by Ainize.

Next day, the two schools went together to the festival Lurrama in Biarritz, that was created 14 years ago by “Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara”. This is organized by 600 collaborators. Our students had the opportunity to participate working as volunteers.

It has been an enriching experience and soon we will have the opportunity to see our new friends from Lapurdi.

Our students have had the opportunity to attend a conference of associations like The Food Bank, Txolarteak, Pauso Berriak and Chernobileko Lagunak.


As in previous years, our students have had the opportunity to attend a conference of groups working in societal issues. The presenter's work was done by Gorka, a newly retired teacher.

From the Atzegi association we were visited by Olatz Anton. Her leisure group is called Txolarteak and she has invited us to see what they do and to participate in it.

The technician Xabier Alkezar, from Gurea's group, talked us about the Pauso Berriak project. He is the one who tracks and plan Iñaki's work.

Jon Ezenarro, the member of Chernobileko Lagunak group, has explained the main objetives of this association. Some of them are as follows: get away from the contamination of Ukraine and welcome children into families in Gipuzkoa in order to breath clean air and eat healthy food.

Today, Xanti Alberdi a former teacher of the school, works as a volunteer at Oiartzun headquarters and has explained how the Food Bank works. The aim of this association is to fight against the wate of food. Do not throw away food and give it another use.





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