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Mobility to Germany to know its model of professional training


This month of March, before COVID-19 will force us to be at home, three professors from the management department of our center have participated in an Erasmus+ project in Germany, to learn about their model of Vocational Training. For a week they have been in the center “Kaufmännische Schule Lörrach” located in Lörrach, learning the performance of the DUAL Vocational Training and participating in various classes.

By comparing the DUAL Vocational Training of both countries, teachers have pointed out that the main difference is the protagonism that companies have in the process. In Germany, students must first find a company that is willing to participate in the project, and once they have the contract of the company they contact the school. During the 3 years that the training cycle lasts the student works 30 hours a week in the company, and goes to the school for another 10 hours.

Due to Coronavirus, they had to cancel several guided tours that were scheduled for collaborating companies in the DUAL program. Anyway, the teachers had the opportunity to meet with some students and alumni of the center and know their experience.

The three professors have valued this experience as very positive.

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Teachers of the center have been in Germany knowing their education system and innovations


Four professors of our center have made a stay of three days visiting different places of Bavaria.

The objectives of the stay have been mainly, to know the German educational system in regard to professional training and to analyze the latest trends in the world of machining.

The Open House event has been developed, at the plant that DMG MORI has in the town of Pfronten. In it, this important company of the machine-tool sector has shown the different solutions it offers in the world of machining.

Five-axis machining is one of its specialties, as well as additive manufacturing, laser testing, etc. The participants were able to know, in situ, machines that use these technologies.

In addition, this company has its own academy to train students in the technologies that are applied in it. These students combine additional training in vocational training centres with training in the company. This modality is known as Dual training.

The professional training centre Staaliche berufsschule-Kaufbeuren, located in the town of Kaufbeuren, has also been visited. During the visit, they have dealt with their managers and teachers, these points: the German educational system, the Dual system, the distribution of the schedule and the calendar, the methodologies, the developed contents, the relations with companies, the internationalization, etc.

They have also had the opportunity to visit their facilities and resources. This action has been carried out with the co-financing of the Erasmus+ program.

Participants from schools in five countries have conducted an exchange


Students and teachers of Erasmus + K2 project, “The Guardians of Europe”, have been in Tolosa during a week. The visitors have been 20 students and 13 teachers from these countries: Greece, Poland, Portugal and Italy.

Students have been housed in our students' homes, just as they were previously in the homes of students from other countries. In total, there have been more than 50 people who have taken part in the activities.

This exchange is the fifth meeting that takes place within this project. It has two main objectives: to dissemninate pro-social attitudes and to know it, disseminate and protect European cultural heritage. All this is done through social campaigns. The start of this project, was carried out in Tolosa in September 2018 and subsequently, having been in Italy, Greece and Poland, it is the turn of our land as a destination.

For a week, students have carried out cultural activities: workshops, competitions, a Basque cooking course, etc. A series of visits have also been carried out to know our land and its cultural heritage: guided tours in Donostia and Tolosa, Albaola, Gaztelugatxe, the Guggenheim Museum, the Bizkaia Bridge, ,the cider house, etc.

Over the next few months, students will develope the campaign to protect Europe's cultural heritage.

Next May, it will take place in Portugal, the last exchange to be held in this project that will take two years. This project receives funding from the Erasmus+ programme.

Teachers and students from the school Bernat Etxepare Lizeoa in Baiona, have been with our students of commerce in an internship


12 students studying commerce from the school Bernat Etxepare Lizeoa in Baiona and two teachers, have participated in an internship with our commerce students. On the first day, we visited the center of Tolosa, we participated in a talk provided by a commerce organization from Tolosa (Tolosa&Co) and we had also the opportunity to see and taste how they make some ecologic products from Behieko company  “Sabekoetxe baserria (Altzo)”.This farm is also the supplier of our center. On the second day, in the high school of Plaiundi (Irun) , we had the chance to see the higher trading cycles. We had also the opportunity to visit XPO logistic company who have a good relationship with them. The experience of the internship has been excellent and for the next year, both centers has made an arrangement in order to strengthen their relationship.

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